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Intro to Trip VI

Our ministry in India began five years ago—when we took our first trip in January 2001.  Since then we have ministered to over 70,000 souls.

The campground was purchased and five buildings have been constructed, all fully paid for by your loving support.  Camp His Way India has had over 8,000 children and now we are investing into young lives that would have otherwise been lost on the streets of India.

It is by God’s grace that we have been able to establish an orphanage so quickly at Camp His Way India.  All the paper work was in order and things are up and running.

The children are happy and well adjusted.  Three of them are enrolled in a Christian school which is a miracle.  They are all learning scriptures and love to sing songs.  The only mode of transportation is the motorcycle—it is very normal to load a family of 5 on one bike!  Our goal is to raise the money to purchase a van.  Another goal this Christmas is a washing machine.  I believe the orphanage will then be ready to take in more children.

Risa and I fly out Monday December 26th and return Saturday January 14th.  Please keep us in your prayers.  At the present it costs $1 a day to feed, house, clothe and school a child. 

$30 a month—value of one soul...


Only three of these children have monthly sponsors.  Prayerfully consider sponsoring a child or giving a gift to help in this ministry.  We truly appreciate your support and prayer.

Harvesting Together,

Lisa and Risa Ellermann


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CHW India VI

Results of Trip VI


Street Ministry

Feeding of the poor




Tsunami Villages

Total = 12,195 people personally touched

Orphanage started with 4 children:
Uma, 3 years old
Getha, 5 years old
Jennifer, 10 years old
Runjith, 10 years old

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